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Directives in less common use

  These include:

    # qnode Root.
    # nc node <orthography>.
    # nc Node <orthography>.
    # nc NODE <orthography>.
    # nc seq node <letters>.
    # nc seq Node <letters>.
    # nc seq NODE <letters>.
    # showif <cat> = noun :
             <case> <number>.

Strictly speaking, the qnode, qpath and nc directives are not really necessary in implementations that provide the standard library functions (such as Qnode, LocalNode and Explode) described below. But it may be worth retaining them, either for compatibility with existing fragments, or because (as in the case of the various nc options) an equivalent replacement would involve some fancy and less than transparent code.

The showif directive is not eliminable by reference to the library functions. It uses minimal means to meet a very common need and we suggest that implementations introduce it. Note that the colon is not necessary for unambiguous parsing of the directive and should probably be eliminated.

    # showif <snark> =

This means that, in the absence of a snark, show the value of the boojum.


Copyright © Roger Evans, Gerald Gazdar & Bill Keller, Tuesday 10 November 1998