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Closing declarations

  Declarations that relate to the choice of theorems to be derived should be placed after all the node definitions. The DATR code can be understood without reference to them and there are often a great many of them, best hidden away near the end. If the number of nodes being hidden, or paths being shown, is small, then they can conveniently appear on one line:

# hide Cat Noun Verb Adjective.

# show <case> <number> <gender> <tense>.

If there are many (especially in the case of paths) then it is likely to look better if you employ separate lines with the standard indentation of four spaces:

# show
    <mor nom sing>
    <mor voc sing>
    <mor acc sing>
    <mor nom plur>
    <mor voc plur>
    <mor acc plur>.


Copyright © Roger Evans, Gerald Gazdar & Bill Keller, Tuesday 10 November 1998